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DaMi is a dynamic blend of botanical and marine biogenics joined with innovative technology that focuses on multiple skin layers to support the skin’s natural cellular defenses. Inspired by nature, infused with active botanicals, mineral-rich organic marine extracts, powerful antioxidants and peptides. DaMi provides remarkable results, based on the principle that healthy skin is beautiful skin. DaMi is distinguished by its superior level of quality, natural and botanically-based efficacy, and its luxurious, eco-minded elegance. DaMi Skin Care is the first brand dedicated to empowering women through products made for today’s woman in today’s world. Our teams are dedicated to excellence in every aspect of what they do and the DaMi Skin Care line passionately demonstrates this with the highly-anticipated launch of our first round of products in April of 2010.

The Company’s mission is to develop and acquire brands that follow this philosophy; that help drive Research & Development in our Manufacturing of new products; and leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline our global Operations and Sales efforts. In our continuing efforts to be closer to our customers while aggressively expanding into emerging markets, DaMi has made China our primary market of focus. Despite the global economic ‘crisis’, China is one of the fastest growing cosmetic markets in the world; we view the high-end, luxury skin care market to be the fastest growing sub-segment in China. To that end DaMi is positioned extremely well for Retail markets in the Americas, Asia and other countries thirsty for the highest quality American-made beauty products.