The ocean is one of nature’s most powerful forces. It cleanses the outer body as well as inner spirit.
It ignites a sense of renewal and hope; balance and serenity; regeneration and rejuvenation.

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Daniel Karayan was born in Los Angeles and raised in northern California’s Silicon Valley. Growing up in a household with two older sisters, he observed the daily skincare and makeup regimens they learned from and followed with their mother. As a result, he developed an innate appreciation for the daily process women go through to make themselves look and feel beautiful.

As a young man, Daniel spent 5 to 6 hours a day swimming and surfing. He not only found a sense of comfort and serenity in the water, but also appreciated the cleansing and invigorating sensation it gave him. His desire to capture that feeling, make it last, and share it with others is what motivated him to explore the essential properties of the ocean and their revitalizing effect on the skin.

Early in his career, Daniel learned to harness the beauty and efficacy of natural botanicals while managing production for Bare Escentuals. In 1991, he co-founded NaturElle Cosmetics Corp. which manufactured Ellegance™, a brand of mineral makeup that was repeatedly recognized on industry Top Ten lists. He then developed www.naturalbeauty.com, the first website to sell makeup on the Internet. Daniel has also served as Director of Operations for Sunstar Dimensions, owner of the highly acclaimed Astara skincare line.


Today, Daniel is the single father of a young daughter. As he watches her slowly grow to become a young woman, he is inspired to provide the very best natural products for her to use and feel beautiful and maintain her youthful, healthy skin, as the other women in his family had been doing for years.

The result is an organic, effective yet gentle, state-of-the-art line of skincare products aptly named DaMi™. Daniel’s love for his daughter and his desire for her to feel beautiful inspired the name which means “Daddy and Me.” This is his gift to his daughter. Daniel’s appreciation for women, passion for the ocean, and love of nature has inspired the creation of this exclusive skincare collection. DaMi™ is his gift to you.

DaMi™ is a simple daily ritual, a complete skincare regimen. The line consists of twelve products that Cleanse, Tone, Purify and Repair. The products are infused with active botanicals, mineral rich organic marine extracts, antioxidants, and peptides.

Indulge yourself in a luxurious experience that will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated, calm and serene.

Just as the ocean waves cleanse the sand on the shore, beauty begins with healthy skin.

DaMi™ Skincare

Look and Feel Beautiful.