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Charity has been at the center of DaMi™ Skincare’s Corporate Values since before it was a registered entity; as such, a commitment was made to donate 10% of DaMi’s profits to a worthy charitable organization.  It seemed more than appropriate to include the infamous ‘Pink Ribbon’ on DaMi’s packaging and make Breast Cancer Awareness DaMi’s leading Charity to support.
Through a mutual friend, I was invited to participate in the upcoming GRAPHIC Art Bra Fashion Show and Art Auction: an evening filled with incredible art and an amazing array of beautiful Survivor-models on the runway.  Being the 2nd largest event of the year for the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas (BCRC), it was quite clearly a celebration of life for all.


Having never been close to any Survivors, my naïveté became painfully apparent as I entered the Gala.  About half-way through the evening, she walked out from behind the curtain and stepped onto the catwalk. Her name was Sarah Lisle and the lights were flashing, music bumping, and crowd cheering.  Then suddenly Sarah collapsed and as she lay on the runway motionless, the crowd slowly realized this was not part of the evening’s show.
Doctors rushed to her side (even her oncologist was there) as the crowd grew more and more silent.  The spot lights were dimmed, the music stopped, and the crowd watched helplessly as the doctors struggled to keep Sarah as the doctors struggled to revive Sarah.  A woman requested we all pray together, which we did.  After 10-20 very long minutes, Sarah was taken out on a stretcher and I will say this: she did not look good in her unconscious-state.
“This is what we do…” said Vivian Smith and Barbara Formichelli of the BCRC easing the crowd of more than 200 while re-engaging the models, guests, and production staff.  At the request of the models, the show went on as did the celebration.  Within an hour, they announced that Sarah was in stable condition, which opened up hearts as well as philanthropist’s checkbooks.
The BCRC is a centralized source of information, education and support that empowers those affected by breast cancer to navigate through the diagnosis, treatment, recover and beyond as active, knowledgeable participants in their healthcare.  All services are free.
A renewed sense of dedication to DaMi’s Corporate Charity Commitment was ignited that night, as was a realization of just how important it is to keep organizations like the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas available to the countless number of women who are affected by this dreadful disease.

Daniel Karayan


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