I Heart Huckabees

Milan Records is excited to release the soundtrack to Fox Searchlight's I Heart Huckabees on October 12, 2004, consisting of Jon Brion's eclectic pop score and five vocal songs from Jon including "Knock Yourself Out!" Jon Brion carries with him the sound of today's music scene. He (along with Jason Falkner, Buddy Judge, and Dan McCarroll) was a member of The Grays, whose album Ro Sham Bo was a masterpiece of power pop. He also scored
Magnolia, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Punch Drunk Love.


Dizzy Gillespie -The Winter in Lisbon

In 1990, Dizzy Gillespie recorded The Winter in Lisbon as the original soundtrack for a film in which he had a lead role naturally portraying a famous jazz musician. For some obscure reason, known only to movers and shakers in the film industry, the film was never released in the U.S. Nevertheless, this album remains a marvel of composition and performance during which Dizzy blends daring and traditional jazz as film music for this "Nouvelle Vague" (New Wave) film. It also lives as one of Dizzy's final recordings.


Park Hyatt Chicago

In cooperation with Park Hyatt Chicago and DJ King Britt, Milan Records is proud to announce the release of their latest chic Park Hyatt electronic compilation CD: Park Hyatt Chicago - On the Seventh. The unique music programming, mixed by world-renowned DJ King Britt, epitomizes the style and sophistication of Park Hyatt Chicago's seventh floor, home to award-winning NoMI restaurant, lounge and garden. The album features an exclusive track by Scuba and three unreleased tracks by Spacek, SA-RA and Heavy.



Milan records is proud to announce the release of Warner Independent's new film, Criminal, featuring a funky groove score by Alex Wurman, classic jazz by the Oscar Peterson Trio and the Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet as well as two additional tracks by Medeski, Martin and Wood. Criminal is a hip story of LA-based street hustling offering an engaging glimpse into the life of two crooks trying to swindle a media magnate out of $750,000. A
remake of the critically acclaimed Argentinean film, Nine Queens, the film mixes stylistic dialogue with multi-faceted characters, and serves up countless twists and turns in its plot-a cult classic with a soundtrack to match.



A Latin American Baroque Christmas

Jade Records and Milan Records are proud to release "A Latin American Baroque Christmas." This emotional album brings together music written for Christmas (known in Spanish as "Villancicos") by Latin-American composers from the Baroque era. Among these are the famous Cuban composer Esteban Salas (1725-1803) and Carlos Patino (1600-1675). The Exaudi Choir of Havana, conducted by Maria Felicia Perez performs these spiritual works.


Astor Piazzolla - Maria de Buenos Aires

Milan Records has just released Maria de Buenos Aires in the United States. This tango opera, named an 'operita,' is arguably Astor Piazzolla's greatest masterpiece. Co-written on a libretto by Horacio Ferrer, it has been released in several versions including highlights and instrumental pieces. Milan Records is proud to release a new recording of this amazing opera in its entirety. This most recent interpretation was recorded in Buenos Aires on September 3rd, 2003. The double CD includes all the pieces that Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer originally wrote for Maria de Buenos Aires.




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