Clean. Simple. Elite. With world class sports consultants and industry professionals, visiting
NBA teams, trust HAX.

Bay doors large enough to roll a 747 airplane through make HAX perfectly suited for large scale productions. HAX has already welcomed a full season of Fox Sports? Sport Science, and Universal Picture?s Bring it on V for principle filming.

HAX provides a virtually unlimited ability to create instant impact with your clients and guests. A ?drive-up? entrance accommodates large vehicles and planes. Signage can be seen by hundreds of
thousands per day from the105 freeway and the freeway exit to the site.


*70,000 square feet of open floor
*Bay door rear & drive-in loading
*Trussed 40? ceiling for easy light hanging
*Valet Parking. Overflow parking to over 500 spaces
*Media/Backstage entrances
*Wi fi
*Extensive outdoor spaces
*World class In-house production support & event planning
*Executive locker rooms
*Executive meeting rooms

Hanger Athletic Xchange is exclusively represented by Jayo Inc. With over 15 years of experience in sports, fashion, film and TV production Jayo Inc. is pleased to present LA?s newest premiere venue for your production needs.

“It is incredible to represent a space with such unlimited potential. However, the potential of a space is only as accessible as its owner?s willingness and ability to service their clients ambitions. The synergy that has taken place at HAX has us all excited.

Our clients benefit from a combined experience on both sides of the production business and our knowledge of building out programs on a global scale for everything from the Olympic Games to studio films and rock concerts. Taking from this experience we want our clients to feel supported by our staff. We do not force vendors on our clients nor require the use of in-house production services but we offer them and our expertise where needed or helpful. I believe this service orientated approach is a great way for us to interact with our clients to build long lasting and prosperous relationship. We look forward to seeing you soon.”

Warmest Regards,
Jason L. Olive
CEO Jayo Inc.

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